We have just learned that someone in South Korea is claiming to be selling the original orange and white version of our LFD tent. It is a scam. SlingFin is NOT currently manufacturing the orange and white version of the LFD. The scammer usually approaches people on Instagram claiming to have access to the orange and white LFD.

If you are approached or messaged by someone offering an orange and white LFD, IT IS A SCAM! Do not continue with the purchase! Please report their profile to Instagram immediately and notify us. Please be careful and feel free to message the official SlingFin instagram account or email us (info@slingfin.com) if you have questions about whether a tent offer is genuine or not.

Please remember the ONLY authorized way to purchase SlingFin tents in South Korea is the OFFICIAL SlingFin website. We do not authorize any resellers, agents, or dealers in South Korea.