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The Portal is our lightest freestanding tent at 2lbs 14oz. It's our statement piece saying you don't need to sacrifice strength, features, or durability to make an ultralight freestanding tent. 

If there's a stronger sub three-pound tent out there, we have yet to find it. By incorporating several technologies from our Expedition Series tents, we were able to give the Portal a degree of stability and weather resistance previously reserved for dedicated "four-season", or more accurately, "one season" tents. 

We designed the Portal with an eye for long-term durability. This means using premium fabrics with excellent UV and mildew resistance, eliminating PU coatings that break down over time, and adding extra zipper sliders to double the zippers' lifespan. 

The Portal can be set up fly-first to keep the inner tent dry in rainy conditions. Instructions are found in the bottom video below.

Heading to Patagonia? Spending some time in the desert? Pick up our Heavy Duty Portal pole set. This replaces the stock 8.7mm poles with extra sturdy 10.65mm poles to provide additional wind and snow loading resistance.

To prolong the life of your Portal's floor, pick up a Portal footprint. For ultralight weather protection in non-buggy conditions, check out the Portal Tub Floor. Additional stakes and guylines can be purchased here.

The Portal is now available in a muted green/brown colorway without reflective trim for those who like to keep a lower profile.


  • Two doors and two vestibules increase livability for two.
  • Two pre-installed internal guylines give the Portal great lateral stability for almost no weight increase. Click here for step-by-step instructions to install a second set of internal guylines. Click here to learn how internal guylines work.
  • Our new KickStand vents make ventilation a breeze. Opposing struts on the vestibule doors provide unrestricted cross-tent airflow for excellent condensation management without sacrificing weather protection.
  • Short pole package is perfect for bikepacking
  • High-volume pole structure with a swivel provides well-distributed headroom without the weakness of hubs.
  • Pole swivel connects long poles for easy setup
  • All the pockets you could ever want (two ceiling, two head, two side, one foot).
  • Offset vestibule design eases entry and exit.
  • 10 external guy points and 2 perimeter pull-outs provide ample reinforcement.
  • External guy points are matched to toggles to attach the fly directly to the poles, increasing stability.
  • Matching reflective tabs on fly and tent body simplify setup.
  • Color coordinated stake loops for easy flysheet orientation
  • Can be pitched with footprint (not included) and fly for a minimalist weather shelter.
  • 2-Side silicone impregnated flysheet and PE floor fabric are mildew-resistant and have excellent hydrolytic stability, and will last significantly longer than traditional PU-coated fabrics.
  • Pre-installed spare zipper sliders on every zipper double your zippers' lifespan.
  • Includes 10 DAC J-Stakes and 6 additional external guylines (not including 2 pre-installed internal guylines)


Minimum Weight 2lbs 14oz (1.3kg)
Packaged Weight 3lbs 5oz (1.5kg)
Capacity 2
Floor Area 27.45 sq ft (2.55 sq m)
Interior Height
44" (111cm)
Packed Size
14" x 5" (35cm x 13cm)
Pole Package Length
13.5" (34cm)
Floor Dimensions

85" x 51" (head) / 42" (foot) (216cm x 129cm / 107cm)

Vestibule Area 2 x 8.4 sq ft (2 x 0.78 sq m)
Number of poles 3
Number of doors 2
Guy out loops 10
Perimeter pull out loops 2
Guylines 6 (+2 pre-installed internal guylines)
Stakes 10



Tent Body Fabric
15D Nylon no-see-um mesh
Floor Fabric 20D Nylon Ripstop PE 1800mm
Fly Fabric 10D Nylon 66 Ripstop Sil/Sil 1200mm
Poles 2 DAC Featherlite NFL 8.7mm, 1 NFL 9.3mm


Seam Sealing Note: The seams on your Portal's flysheet are highly water-resistant and will handle light rain just fine 

without being seam sealed. However, the three seams directly beneath the tent poles should be seam sealed for maximum waterproofness in extended, heavy rains. 

Sewn in Vietnam.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Customer is responsible for all import duties and taxes. We strongly suggest looking up duty rates in your region before ordering, especially if you live in Canada. We recommend against "UPS STANDARD" shipping because they charge very high brokerage fees. To avoid brokerage fees, select either USPS shipping or UPS Worldwide Express/Expedited service. Note that UPS brokerage fees and import tax & duty are separate. Canadian customers can estimate duty here. Please note this is just an estimate and actual rates may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Charles Sweet
Alaskan Backcountry & PNW Approved

I don't normally leave reviews but I felt compelled to write some for a few choice gear selections following a recent unforgiving Alaskan tundra backcountry caribou hunt. My Slingfin Portal 2 tent happened to be one of the notable ones. The muskeg covered terrain and extremely wet late-summer conditions, although anticipated, were a challenge. Paired with heavy winds due to lack of vegetation, I was especially concerned about leaving my tent unsupervised when afield.

To enable peace of mind, I was prepared and paired this tent with eight MSR Cyclone tent stakes. At ten oz, this was a tad heavy considering the tent is only around three lbs. After all, ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain especially hiking in and out several miles... However, I justified the added weight and was glad that I did. The tent was anchored like a rock and shed driving rain excellently. I currently live in the coastal PNW so can further attest to the tent's performance in rainy and windy conditions. I'll add that I would not consider getting anything smaller than a two-person tent for hunting purposes. The additional space is nice to keep high dollar weapon(s) and gear out of the elements while enabling some nighttime drying. Highly recommend this product and company!

-Structurally sound
-Relatively lightweight

-Expensive (buy once cry once)

Love it, Charles!! Glad the Portal has proven to be a dependable home away from home for you! I love those Cyclone stakes. Those things are bomber.

Rebecca Long Okura
I’ll never need another tent

I just took this tent for 6 days in the High Unitas. Had some rain. Had some cold. It was a perfect tent. I’m not a super experienced backpacker but this tent was light and easy to set up. One day I set it up fly first in an absolute deluge of rain and had a great experience with it. Having a matching reflective tab that lines up the footprint, fly, and tent- so brilliant. The vestibules made it possible to cook in the rain. No condensation or wet inside the tent because of perfect guy lines. Thank you SlingFin. I’m headed back out this weekend because this tent made me feel like getting out there more.

This warmed our hearts!! So glad that the Portal is opening up your world as a backpacker. That's exactly why we got into this business. Have fun out there!

Kenneth Giles
Great tent!

The best 2-person ultra-light backpacking tent I've every owned! Just returned from 5 days in Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness during which I experienced two nights of severe winds and torrential rain from fringes of the hurrican that hit southern California. The tent performed perfectly...slept dry and secure, no problems whatsoever. The interior design is spacious (for one person) and makes it easy to sit up and prepare food while waiting out storms. I think I counted 7 interior mesh pockets to store stuff in and maybe 8 interior rings to hang things from....nice for drying stuff out. Once I figured them out, I really like the toggle design for attaching the rainfly to the tent poles. Sitting up the tent is a breeze once you get used to the toggles. The once very minor "niggle" I have is its a bit confusing and time-consuming to figure out the proper orientation of the rainfly on the tent body and I wasted some precious time in a downpour using trial and error, compounded by wind gusts blowing the slippery lightweight rainfly around. It would be very helpful if SlingFin would color-code (or flag) the two very-important rainfly toggles that guy the rainfly to the cross-pole -- finding these two toggles immediately and locking them in place are the key to setting up the tent quickly. The workmanship and quality of this tent is truly outstanding...good job SlingFin! I have maybe 8 tents on my shelf and this is certainly the best.

*Review Update* (Initial Impressions And Only Two Minor Concerns)

Update to review (a couple of reviews down) having now used the tent extensively across a range of climates and conditions in New Zealand, Asia and Europe (including Scandinavia).

My only initial concerns are:

1) Around how the fly attaches to the cross pole via the toogle/O-rings. The toogle on the underside of the fly seems slightly small and easily popped free of the O-ring while test pitching, albeit the tent was not under tension when the toogle popped free on various occasions.

UPDATE: [This is still a persistent issue although can be somewhat mitigated by a tight pitch. It DOES NOT affect the weather tightness or durability of the tent in windy conditions but it is something that’s always in the back of the ‘chief tent-pitchers’ mind.]

2) And; the central swivel at the junction of the two main poles impedes the pole sections snapping together completely (the swivel sits at a join). This might not be an issue, but if the poles are not completely snapped together I feel this could impact upon the structural integrity of the tent. I could be wrong!

UPDATE: [Having spent an uncountable number of nights in the tent across the world in variable conditions I can confidently say this minor remark can be disregarded, it is not an issue.]

New remarks:

I would not choose another tent to take on a hike. The Portal 2 has quickly become my only go-to tent primarily due to the remarkable balance achieved between WEIGHT and DURABILITY. The key feature driving this balance is the ability to quickly add a hiking pole to either end of the cross pole via simple velcro sleeves supporting it in windy conditions. This feature coupled with an extensive number of guy-out points and the ability to tighten things up using the internal guy-lines ensures hiking 3 1/2 seasons in ranging conditions is stress free.

This tent really does scream “BUY ME” if your main priority is to provide a safe, secure and liveable home while out adventuring.

That's awesome! Love hearing that the Portal is your go-to. Sounds like you're using it for exactly what we designed it for! Glad the swivel hasn't given you any issues!

Martyn Lenoble
This tent is all I need.

I've used this tent in the Canadian Rockies in deep snow and in Los Padres National Forest in snowy, windy conditions.
So easy and fast to set up.
Great for backpacking trips.
Roomy, sturdy and warm when paired with a good sleeping bag.
Lots of room for gear inside, but still so light in the backpack.
The only thing I don't like are the stakes. I bring another brand of stakes with me.

Customer support is really, really great. Great communication.

Thanks, Martyn! Glad to hear you love your Portal. Music to our ears!