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    Honey Badger Backpack

    Thanks to our successful Kickstarter campaign, the HoneyBadger backpack is in production.

    With the Honey Badger, we introduce an entirely new way to approach pack construction. Made of a semi-rigid HDPE material, the Honey Badger is an incredibly abrasion-resistant, versatile, and customizable pack with an unbelievable array of uses. It accomplishes this at a fraction of the weight of a fabric pack of comparable durability. The shell is made of a lightweight, waterproof material using highly water-resistant construction techniques. When used with the included roll-top dry bag (which doubles as a standalone backpack), the pack is fully waterproof. The rigid back panel acts as its own frame, distributing weight evenly for a shockingly comfortable carry and protecting your back from pointy objects poking you from inside the pack. The self-closing magnetic buckle can be easily opened with one hand. 

    The Honey Badger can be used as a bicycle pannier to fit on any standard rear bicycle rack with the addition of our pannier accessory. The pannier accessory and shoulder harness can be used together, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between bike and walk modes. Another bike-focused feature is the translucent shell that allows the pack to light up when you place a light on the inside. A phone light, blinky LED, or other flashlight are all great ways to dramatically increase your nighttime visibility when riding your bike. Lights can be placed in the mesh compartment of the included Flip Pocket or placed on top of your gear inside the pack. Uber drivers aren't getting any better and being visible on your bike is more important than ever. An optional suspended laptop sleeve will protect your computer from drops and rounds out the commuter features of the pack.

    The shell is easily customizable. Using household tools, you can cut or melt holes in the shell to add straps anywhere you like. The cable tie/perlon cord construction provides ample tie-down points, making it easy to lash on as much gear as you can carry.

    We've yet to discover an adventure, event, or activity that the pack can’t handle. During testing, we dragged packs behind trucks, up the nose of El Capitan, through narrow slot canyons, and even dropped one out of a plane. If you somehow manage to damage your pack, all parts are easily field repairable (we replaced a few ties after the plane drop and it was as good as new!).

    Whether you're an urban biker looking for a bomber high-vis commuting bag or a climber looking for a haul bag that laughs in the face of sharp granite, the Honey Badger is a pack that will adventure as hard as you do.


    Dimensions  21 in (height) x 13/11 in (top/bottom width) x 6.75 in (depth)
    0.53 m (height) x 0.33/0.27 m (top/bottom width) x 0.17 m (depth)
    Volume 25 Liters
    Weight (pack) 2 lbs 1 oz / 0.84 kg
    Weight (internal bag)  5.1 oz / 144.58 g (dry bag - roll closure)


    • Waterproof, Durable, and Lightweight
    • Easily field repairable with common household items
    • Fitted with a high-quality, 25-liter dry bag to ensure your pack contents stay dry, even when submerged
    • Removable shoulder straps and waist belt for use as a haul bag or quick and easy conversion to a bicycle pannier (pannier kit sold separately)
    • Materials: Polyethylene, self-reinforced woven polypropylene, Perlon cord, cable ties

    Available Color: Darkness Black/Durian White

    Additional Options:

    • Bike Pannier Conversion Kit
    • Laptop Sleeve
    • Accessory Straps


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    Product Feedback

    JM Drew commented on 16-Aug-2018 11:08 AM
    I puchased the Honey Badger backpack and it is one of the best travel bags I have ever seen, let alone used. It fits in overhead airline compartment easily and better yet comes out nice and easy too. It holds the perfect amount for a week trip, even has a zipper bag for toiletries in the top. I also chose the laptop sleeve and it keeps my Mac nice a safe and I know exactly where it is to put it in the bin @ airport security.

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    Honey Badger Backpack