Gear Institute review of the Honey Badger backpack

"kudos to SlingFin for thinking outside the lines and creating a backpack that has real physical and functional differences"

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Professional Camping

"The SlingFin 2Lite Trek is really a tent that stands out above the rest."

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Jen Reviews

"A tent is more than a tent"

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"enhanced I’m a hiker and a tinkerer/hacker, and I really feel like SlingFin made this pack for people just like me, and hopefully for you too!" 12/10/17


"enhanced weather worthiness provided by 2Lite’s unique tensioned architecture and you have a bomber lightweight tent for expedition use in non-winter conditions." 9/7/17


"It’s nice to know there are still a few companies in which everyone, including management, are avid climbers and users themselves." 5/8/17 slingfin tents/

Backpacker Buyers Guide 2017

"True to its name, the WindSaber handled 60-mph gales with ease. 'The gusts were so strong that they started to pull the stakes out of the ground, but the tent handled it like a spring breeze.'" Backpacker Magazine 3/8/17

Modern Hiker

"(there are a lot of 4-season tents) that just don't live up to their promises…However, SlingFin's WindSaber strikes the right balance – light, strong, and modular." 1/28/17 slingfin windsaber


"The CrossBow 2 Mesh is the workhorse configuration of the SlingFin CrossBow 2 family. This tent will stand up to virtually any weather and conditions during three-season use, easily housing two people and ALL OF THEIR GEAR. This shelter is best suited for two travelers who simply cannot compromise quality and comfort. SlingFin did not cut any corners when it comes to quality of craftsmanship they are putting into the hands of their customers. Every stitch, feature, and clip is top of the range construction." 11/22/16 slingfin

Appalachian Trail

"The Appalachian Trail is hard but nothing like climbing Mt. Everest. One tent maker started by creating tents for extreme mountain climbers, and now they are bringing their work to the Appalachian Trail. " 9/16/16

Business Insider

"If you're looking for a proper tent, you'll find a wealth of brands.... What you won't get, though, is something strong enough to survive disasters." Business Insider 8/25/16

Adventure Capitalists (tv show)

"on Monday's episode of 'Adventure Capitalists,' SlingFin's tents easily withstood the 54 mile an hour winds they were tested against." Adventure Capitalists 8/22/16 ex-north-face-employee-wants-to-be-known... adventure-capitalists full-episode


"...consider that this four-season monster (WindSaber) could replace all the other tents in your garage... The Verdict: One tent to rule them all—and conquer all four seasons." Outside 2016


"What really makes it (2Lite) bike packable are the poles, though. They fold down to lengths of just ~8.5 inches, which means they easily fit into most handlebar roll bags." BikeRumor 7/6/16


"It (2Lite) provides an exceptional value and true reliability at a price point that's hard to ignore. If you need low weight and good living space paired with a true double wall tent, it's a good choice." TreeLineBackpacker 9/19/15


"They're as light as anything else out there, but much stronger, much more livable and, believe it or not, cheaper too." Gizmodo 7/28/15

Gear Institute

"Weighing only 2.7 pounds and packing down smaller than most sleeping bags (12" X 6") this is one of the most packable tents we tested. This is even more impressive considering the livable space it creates." Gear Institute May 2015

Gear Junkie

"...the ability to use the single tent for a wide range of applications makes it appealing for those whose adventures cover all the seasons." GearJunkie 9/4/14

Outdoor Gear Lab

"We suspect that the HardShell is the best 3-4 person four-season dome tent on the planet...The SlingFin HardShell tent is the equivalent of Air Force One for mountain climbers and polar explorers." Outdoor Gear Lab 7/13/13

Outdoor Show

"The SlingFin tent is based on geodesic principles and is convincing by virtue of highest functionality and material quality." OutDoor Show (Friedrichshafen) 7/11/13

Max Neal

"Companies like SlingFin push the outdoor industry forward with progressive designs and ruthless attention to detail." Max Neale 6/8/12