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Titanium Dioxide Coating

Titanium Dioxide Coating
Devin Swisher - Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Titanium Dioxide Coating:

Titanium Dioxide coatings are very UV resistant. This is especially important for tents that are pitched at high altitudes for long periods of time (LFD and BFD). Historically, Titanium Dioxide coatings have been added to fabrics using transfer paper, which also must be discarded after each use. SlingFin worked with Dimension Polyant to find a more environmentally friendly method of coating the fabric.
Now Dimension Polyant uses recyclable plastic films for applying the transfer coatings. The plastic film produces a shiny finish on the coating but that is a small price to pay as compared to wasting thousands of yards of transfer paper. The coatings are applied here in the USA at the Dimension Polyant mill in Putnam, Connecticut. All excess solvents are reused and the factory has a state of the art air filtration system so no harmful vapors are released into the atmosphere. ET70 is one of the most environmentally friendly UV resistant fabrics ever made for the weight.