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The SlingFin WebTruss™

The SlingFin WebTruss™
Devin Swisher - Monday, August 06, 2018

The WebTruss™ is patented technology exclusive to SlingFin.

Titanium Dioxide Coating is where it needs to be. Whenever a shelter is subject to long term UV exposure, we have coated the fabric with Titanium Dioxide. Made of 70D double-sided silicon coated elastomer with a nylon 66 fabric, the WebTruss™™ has higher tear and abrasion strengths than comparable Denier fabrics. At the entrance of each pole sleeve on the WebTruss™ is a built in adjustable tensioner that allows the user to gain the appropriate stiffness during the set up. Once tensioned, the strength of the WebTruss™ significantly increases.

Low Wind Profile:
With a significantly smaller wind profile, the WebTruss™ can be quickly set up in extreme weather conditions when time is of the essence.
Ease of Pitch: All tent poles are the same length, making the tent set up process both easier and faster. Additionally, all WebTruss™ sleeves are continuous which makes it easy for one person to pitch the tent. All sleeve openings also have a reflective strip making night-time pitches easier in comparison to the traditional tent.