The WebTruss
WebTruss™ Technology:
Designed with the all mountain user in mind, the WebTruss™ provides unmatched strength and allows for easy set up in adverse conditions, such as high winds.

Advantages of the WebTruss™:

  • Strength:

    Made of a nylon 6,6 fabric when possible, the WebTruss™ has higher tear and abrasion strengths than comparable Denier fabrics. At the entrance of each pole sleeve on the WebTruss™ is a built in adjustable tensioner that allows the user to gain the appropriate stiffness during the set up. Once tensioned, the strength of the WebTruss™ significantly increases.
  • Low Wind Profile:

    With a significantly smaller wind profile, the WebTruss™ can be quickly set up in extreme weather conditions when time is of the essence.
  • Ease of Pitch: All tent poles going through the WebTruss™ are the same length, making the tent set up process both easier and faster. Additionally, all WebTruss™ sleeves are continuous which makes it easy for one person to pitch the tent. All sleeve openings also have a reflective strip making night-time pitches easier in comparison to the traditional tent.

The WebTruss™ is featured on the following SlingFin tents:

  • OneUp
  • HardShell
  • Kahiltna Dome
  • CrossBow 2
  • WindSaber

About SlingFin Clips
All plastic clips used on our tents are designed by, and custom made for SlingFin:

The Reverse Gate CobraClip™ is used at all pole intersections on the BFD and LFD. The RidgeClip™ is a smaller general-purpose clip that is used to attach tent bodies to the WebTruss™ on the OneUp and HardShell.

Reverse Gate CobraClip™
Built from Acetyl and stainless steel wire gates, the CobraClip™is the ideal choice for cold environments. The reverse gate opening allows for better leveraging when locking the gate in the closed position and general ease of use. Having the gate open outward also allows for a larger opening and ease of use when clipping it around tent poles. Positive tension locking systems ensure that the gate will not open under high tension. We have designed the CobraClip™to be so easy to use that you can even use it with gloves on for those windy and snowy conditions!

Ridge Clip
Similar to the CobraClip™, the RidgeClip™ is also built from Acetyl and stainless steel wire gates, making it an ideal choice for colder environments. It is more of a general-purpose clip as it is smaller than the CobraClip™, and features an inward-opening gate like that of a traditional carabiner.

About SlingFin Fabrics

ET70 Details:
Our base fabric is made of 70D nylon 6,6 (manufactured in the USA). Nylon 6,6 fabrics are far superior to nylon 6 fabrics in terms of both UV resistance, and tear and abrasion strength. Also, because dye is added to the coating instead of the actual fabric, our ET70 is much stronger than comparable Denier fabrics. This allows our base fabric to go through less processing, making it much stronger than comparable fabrics which require an additional finishing process.

Titanium Dioxide Coating:
Titanium Dioxide coatings are very UV resistant. This is especially important for tents that are pitched at high altitudes for long periods of time (LFD and BFD). Historically, Titanium Dioxide coatings have been added to fabrics using transfer paper, which also must be discarded after each use. SlingFin worked with Dimension Polyant to find a more environmentally friendly method of coating the fabric.
Now Dimension Polyant uses recyclable plastic films for applying the transfer coatings. The plastic film produces a shiny finish on the coating but that is a small price to pay as compared to wasting thousands of yards of transfer paper. The coatings are applied here in the USA at the Dimension Polyant mill in Putnam, Connecticut. All excess solvents are reused and the factory has a state of the art air filtration system so no harmful vapors are released into the atmosphere. ET70 is one of the most environmentally friendly UV resistant fabrics ever made for the weight.

ET90 Details:
Please note that all tents made with ET90 are special order only.
This base fabric is made of an even stronger 90D nylon 6,6 (manufactured in Germany). This is a high strength fabric produced for the sailing industry. Titanium Dioxide Coating. All details of the Titanium Dioxide coating for ET90 are the same as ET70.

If you have specific questions regarding SlingFin fabrics and coatings please contact us.

About SlingFin Poles
All SlingFin tents come equipped with DAC Tent Poles.
DAC tent poles:

Lighter and Stronger: Lighter weight promotes better technique and substantially enhances the outdoor experience. However, poles must also be safe. DAC tent poles are engineered to provide the increased strength and reliability required to safely cope with the most demanding conditions, while still remaining lightweight. The DAC tent pole range includes various types of tubes to suit different applications from heavy duty expedition to ultralight backpacking.
TH72M – A better material: Our poles are made from TH72M – an aluminum alloy that has set the new benchmark for strength to weight performance. Devolped by DAC, the world leader in ultra lightweight technology, TH72M is tough, durable, robust, and clearly the first choice in material for lightweight outdoor adventure equipment. In a sport where dramatic brittle failure (characteristic of carbon fiber) must be avoided, TH72M is the obvious choice for tent poles you can trust.
Eco-friendly: Our aluminum is anodized to maintain appearance and prevent corrosion. DAC received international recognition for developing the unique process of "green" anodizing TH72M. DAC's "eco friendly" process not only avoids the use of toxic chemicals like phosphoric and nitric acid, but it also helps to maintain the health of the DAC production team and conform with DAC's commitment to responsible corporate citizenship.
Expert Engineering: DAC has led the world in lightweight technology for over 27 years. The highest level of engineering skill and experience is supported by a sophisticated system of planning, control, and monitoring. DAC can respond to specific requirements, and meet the most demanding criteria and specifications.
Various accessories: DAC provides 'screwlock' tips for easy repair – short tip, long tip, mushroom head tip, ball tip, etc. Nice looking compact J stakes are also available. Additionally, DAC provides various kind of hubs and other accessories for tent designers, making it possible to develop many different types of tent pole architectures.

About SlingFin Construction

Tent Construction:

Double needle flat felled seams (Lockstitch): Lockstitch is a very strong seam used to sew lightweight fabrics together. All our double needle lap felled seams are sewn with 0.25" gauge double needle on needle feed sewing machines. Depending on the fabric, either a mechanical puller is used, or a second operator helps apply tension to the fabric as it is being sewn. Ultralight fabrics and silicone coated fabrics, where both sides of the fabric have a silicone elastomer coating, are especially difficult to sew without puckering. That is why mechanical pullers or second operators are used.
Fabric Coatings: We use polyether, Titanium Dioxide, or silicone elastomer coatings on our waterproof expedition fabrics. We try to avoid Polyester Urethane (PU) coatings which are hydrophilic (absorb moisture) causing odors to form over time. PU coatings are not very durable and start deteriorating over time. It is rather unintuitive that waterproof coatings – like PU – absorb moisture. It is for this very reason that we choose to use hydrophobic polyether coatings instead of PU coatings when possible. Waterproof ratings. There are many tests to determine the waterproofness of fabrics. Mullen Burst tester, Suter tester, and water column testing devices provide the most useful data that can be used for comparative purposes. SlingFin provides waterproof data using the water column test method.
Titanium Dioxide bias binding: SlingFin is the first to use ET70 (Titanium Dioxide Bias Binding) on the tent body and WebTruss™ perimeters (LFD and BFD). This is an important detail since nylon and polyester bias bindings will degrade much sooner than the rest of the tent.
Nylon bias binding sewing: All seams sewn with bias binding are sewn with a double needle on needle feed sewing machine with a 0.125" needle gauge.
Perimeter reinforcement: We use 0.5" to 0.75" nylon or polyester grosgrain to reinforce the perimeter of our tarps and flysheets (One Up). This feature is applied to add strength and to reduce perimeter bias stretch. This is especially important on tarps which often act as sails, experiencing tremendous force in windy conditions.
Oversized YKK zippers:. We use #10 YKK® zipper chains with double nickel coated zipper sliders on the doors of the BFD and LFD.
Reinforced doors: The LFD and BFD have two 900D reinforcements on the door frame, and one large 900D reinforcement on the door itself.
Grosgrain reinforcements: All perimeter tie-outs and grommet tabs have a grosgrain reinforcement. This helps to strengthen the tent fabric in high stress areas or areas with bar tacks, where the fabric is often under extreme tension.
Low stress doors: SlingFin designs its doors differently than other tent companies. We modify the door patterns so there is extra fabric on the inner portion of the door. This reduces zipper slider and zipper chain stress when the tent is dry and extra taught. This may make the door look slightly loose while the tent is in humid environments but the loss of aesthetics is minor as compared to the functionality, ease of use, and durability that low stress door designs provide.
Titanium Dioxide window covers: (LFD and BFD). All our clear windows and window covers are made of ET70.
WebTruss™: Designed to make any tent stronger and easier to set up. Please see our WebTruss™ tab for more information.
Reflective Guy-Outs: All guy-out loops have a reflective strip making it easy to see and therefore easier to use.
Grommet Tab Guides for tents with different pole lengths: The BFD has 15 poles with 3 different lengths. The LFD has 10 poles with 2 different lengths. Each grommet tab is labeled S (short), M (medium), or L (long) to make pitching these tents easier than ever. If the poles are all the same length then there are no pole size labels (OneUp).
Reflective sleeve openings on WebTruss™. All WebTruss™ sleeve openings have a reflective strip of grosgrain which makes pitching your tent in the dark easier than ever.
Tent tube: All SlingFin tents are now equipped with DAC tubing.
Back Tacking and Bar Tacking: All stress points are reinforced with extra fabric or grosgrain and sewn with a bar tack or reinforced by back tacking the stress area. Back tacks are most commonly applied to stress areas that would be damaged by a bar tack machine.