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"SlingFin is a startup in Berkeley, CA that has been quietly building some of the lightest and most sophisticated, high-tech, mountaineering tents for use in the harshest places on the planet" "The SlingFin Portal is a significant tent! At less than 3 pounds, it may be the lightest, 2-person, freestanding tent that can handle four-season conditions."

Outside Magazine: The Best Tents of 2019: "Best Tent for Three Seasons"

SlingFin Portal 2 above the tree line"To meet a three-pound weigh-in, most backpacking tents skimp on features, stability, and durability. The Portal avoids this trap...  The secret? SlingFin opted for high-quality nylon 66 with a silicone protectant instead of common polyurethane-coated nylon. The combo is tougher, lighter, and more UV-resistant. The 27-square-foot interior is snug for two, but vertical walls add headroom, making the Portal the only tent we’d want on a stormy trek."

Backpacker Magazine: SlingFin Portal 2 - "Strongest Tent"

SlingFin Portal 2 on snow

"Our take This sub-3-pound shelter withstands high winds and nasty weather better than tents twice its weight. 'We experienced 40-mph winds, but the tent never pancaked on us,' said one tester after a rough night at California’s Thousand Island Lake. Bonus: Bolster the tent even more in extreme weather using the eight guylines, as well as the two hook-and-loop attachments on the top crosspole that accommodate trekking poles for additional stability."

Clever Hiker: 10 Best Tents of 2019 (full list HERE)

"the Portal has the potential to become one of the top lightweight freestanding backpacking tents on the market."

"we think the Portal is among the strongest and most weather-ready ultralight backpacking tents we’ve ever tested... If you’re looking for a shockingly light and roomy 2-person backpacking tent that’s stout enough to withstand heavy weather, the Portal just might be perfect for you."

The Big Outside: Portal Review

"the Slingfin Portal 2 carves out a unique space in this category by striking a keen balance between solid stability and livability while weighing under three pounds, making it a good choice for any backpacker who wants to reduce pack weight while getting the wind resistance of a heavier tent."

Section Hiker: Portal Review

"what sets the Portal apart from other tents is the ability to extend it for use in more extreme four-season winter conditions, including snow loads and high, buffeting winds, with virtually no added weight."



Greenbelly: 14 Best Ultralight Tents for Thru-Hiking in 2019

"The Portal 2 is a high quality and rather luxurious ultralight backpacking tent - 2 wide open side doors, breathable double walls, and a completely freestanding design. My favorite thing about it is the attention to detail."
"Other than being an overall great tent, the Portal 2 really stands out for it's strength and stability.... Overall, I'd say this is the best lightweight backpacking tent for enduring harsh environments in all four seasons."

SlingFin Portal 2

"the only tent we'd want on a stormy trek" - Outside Magazine

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