Guides + Pros

Our Pro Program

SlingFin is proud to supply mountain professionals with reliable, durable shelters for all conditions. Since the beginning, our products have been made specifically with the most experienced mountain professionals in mind. Our pro program is available to those whose job involves sleeping in a tent as well as active SAR team members and outdoor industry employees.

    Pro Heritage

    Our work with guides began during Martin's time at The North Face, Sierra Designs, and Mountain Hardwear. Beginning in the early 90s with the Sierra Designs Tiros and progressing to the Mountain Hardwear Trango in the mid-90s, Martin introduced the geodesic-inspired four pole architecture that has become the standard for mountaineering tents the world over. Today, the Trango can be found on almost every commercially guided mountain in the world. Today, pretty much every tent company has their own version of the architecture that Martin introduced with the Tiros and Trango 30+ years ago.

    SlingFin was founded to build on that heritage by producing top-tier alpine shelters that provide as much strength as possible at the lowest weights achievable without compromising safety or quality. 

    Pro Tents

    All our tents are part of our pro program and worthy of use by professionals! However, we recently introduced two new tents designed specifically for guides to withstand not only the rigors of extended UV exposure and high winds, but also that most destructive of forces, abuse from well-intentioned but inexperienced clients.

    Our ProGuide 3 is Martin's fully modernized improvement on the Tiros/Trango, combining UV-resistant, non-hydrolyzing sil/sil flysheet fabric with an improved asymmetrical pole architecture that provides a lower wind profile, a steeper foot wall, and more usable floor space. The tent also features extra zipper sliders to strengthen the tent's most common failure point. 

    The Indus 2 is a simplified version of our CrossBow constructed with more durable materials to withstand the rigors of client use, season after season. With spare zipper sliders and the same fabric spec and pole diameter as the ProGuide, the Indus is a strong and durable 2P option at an excellent value that's light enough for two clients to split but durable enough for many seasons of use.

    Pro Perks

    Professionals and guide services can take advantage of discounted pricing and à la carte ordering to replace only the tent parts they need without ordering new complete tents, which reduces waste and maximizes the value of your equipment investment over the long run.

    We have a robust repair program and are committed to maintaining our tents throughout the course of their normal service life. We pride ourselves on providing a level of accessibility and support that larger companies choose not to.

    If you or your organization fit this description, please apply below. We'll follow up with a request for a pay stub and/or relevant certifications. For outdoor industry employees, we'll request instructions to set up a reciprocal prodeal with your company. Welcome to the SlingFam!