Portal (PRE-ORDER)
Portal (PRE-ORDER)
Portal (PRE-ORDER)
Portal (PRE-ORDER)
Portal (PRE-ORDER)
Portal (PRE-ORDER)
Portal (PRE-ORDER)
Portal (PRE-ORDER)
Portal (PRE-ORDER)

Portal (PRE-ORDER)

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Portal pre-orders are open and will ship in late September 2021.

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The Portal is our lightest freestanding tent at 2lbs 13oz. It's our statement piece saying you don't need to sacrifice strength, features, or durability to make an ultralight freestanding tent. 

If there's a stronger sub three-pound tent out there, we have yet to find it. By incorporating several technologies from our Expedition Series tents, we were able to give the Portal a degree of stability and weather resistance previously reserved for dedicated "four-season", or more accurately, "one season" tents. 

We designed the Portal with an eye for long-term durability. This means using premium fabrics with good UV and mildew resistance, eliminating PU coatings that break down over time, and adding extra zipper sliders to double the zippers' lifespan. 

The Portal can be set up fly-first to keep the inner tent dry in rainy conditions. Instructions are found in the bottom video below.

To prolong the life of your Portal's floor, pick up a Portal footprint. For ultralight weather protection in non-buggy conditions, check out the Portal Tub Floor.

Seam Sealing Note: The seams on your Portal's flysheet are highly water-resistant and will handle light rain just fine without being seam sealed. However, the three seams directly beneath the tent poles should be seam sealed for maximum waterproofness in extended, heavy rains. All pre-ordered Portals will come pre-sealed by yours truly. Portals ordered after the tents are in stock will ship with a tube of silicone seam sealer and instructions. It's a straightforward process that takes about 20 minutes and only needs to be done once. We wish we could seal all of them here, but due to the cure time of the silicone, we just can't keep up!

Made in China.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Customer is responsible for all import duties and taxes. We strongly suggest looking up duty rates in your region before ordering, especially if you live in Canada. We recommend against "UPS STANDARD" shipping because they charge very high brokerage fees. To avoid brokerage fees, select either USPS shipping or UPS Worldwide Express/Expedited service. Note that UPS broker fees and import tax & duty are separate issues. Broker fees can be avoided with the proper shipping level. Import tax & duty are not avoidable if the importing country charges for it. Canadian customers can estimate duty here. Please note this is just an estimate and actual rates may vary.


  • Two doors and two vestibules increase livability for two.
  • Pre-installed internal guylines give the Portal great lateral stability for almost no weight increase. Click here for step-by-step instructions to install a second set of internal guylines. Click here to learn how internal guylines work.
  • Our new KickStand vents make ventilation a breeze. Opposing struts on the vestibule doors provide unrestricted cross-tent airflow for excellent condensation management without sacrificing weather protection.
  • High-volume pole structure with a swivel provides well-distributed headroom without the weakness of hubs.
  • Pole swivel connects long poles for easy setup
  • All the pockets you could ever want (two ceiling, two head, two side, one foot).
  • Offset vestibule design eases entry and exit.
  • 10 external guy points provide ample reinforcement. External guy points are matched to toggles to attach the fly directly to the poles, increasing stability.
  • Matching reflective tabs on fly and tent body simplify setup.
  • Can be pitched with footprint (not included) and fly for a minimalist weather shelter.
  • 2-Side silicone impregnated flysheet and PE floor fabric are mildew-resistant and have excellent hydrolytic stability, and will last significantly longer than traditional PU-coated fabrics.
  • Includes 10 DAC J-Stakes


Trail Weight 2lbs 14oz (1.3kg)
Packaged Weight 3lbs 5oz (1.5kg)
Capacity 2
Floor Area 27.45 sq ft (2.55 sq m)
Interior Height
44" (1.11m)
Packed Size
14" x 5" (35cm x 13cm)
Floor Dimensions 85" x 51" (head) x 42" (foot)
Vestibule Area 2 x 8.4 sq ft (2 x 0.78 sq m)
Number of poles 3
Number of doors 2



Tent Body Fabric
15D Nylon no-see-um mesh
Floor Fabric 20D Nylon Ripstop PE 1800mm
Fly Fabric 10D Nylon 66 Ripstop Sil/Sil 1200mm
Poles 2 DAC Featherlite NFL 8.7mm, 1 NFL 9.3mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Chef's Kiss

Coming up on a year with the portal, I'm extremely happy with it. It splits into 2 almost even bundles if you are dividing the weight between two people, which I always am (26 oz for tent, crossbar, and stakes, 25 oz for fly and poles). Extra weight comes from included stakes I think, so you could go lighter. I bought the tent after getting caught in a few windstorms with an REI tent, (which didnt break, but did flatten on top of me causing me to have to move in the middle of the night both times). The portal is bombproof and the cross-cords inside as well as the hiking pole outriggers really make the tent solid in wind. I havent had to use the extra guylines yet. Really, what you see is what you get with this tent. I shamelessly plug this tent to all my friends. No signs of wear after 20+ nights, I hope it lasts for many more years. I do use a piece of polycro for a groundsheet: I definitely recommend using a groundsheet to keep your floor intact and waterproof.

Brian Motter
I've tried many 1P and 2P tents...

By far the best. It sets up quick. It sets up solid. You have room to sit up. You have plenty of room for 2P or 1P and gear. I also own the SplitWing. When I want to go light, I'll go SplitWing. If I'm just going for a week, the Portal is palatial. The only things I'd change, and these are very minor: 1> Pole sections don't need to be so small. I know why they are and it's a trade-off, but it just seems like the pole bundle is too big. 2> I'd love a "not so bright color." I'm of the "don't be so visible in camp" variety and a green or more natural color would have been preferred to the Orange and Cream. At least the Cream is the primary color when the fly is on. Seriously though, this is an incredible piece of craftsmanship and will last a very long time. Kudos to the design team. I've found my perfect backpacking tent!!!!

Crystal Gail
Home away from home

The Portal is a spacious two-person tent with incredible storage and provides exceptional weather protection. Large living quarters for a lightweight tent - I feel like a diva on the trail. At the same time, I feel protected from the elements. The architecture and style are altogether amazing. I love this tent so much!

Tina H
Best backpacking tent around and I've tried several!

I've tried and either sold or returned multiple other backpacking tents for various reasons (too small interior, condensation, leaks, don't hold up in basic wind etc.). I was leery of the Portal price point because I wasn't buying from a retailer that allowed returns after use. I researched the heck out of this tent, plunked down the money, and have never regretted the decision. I've spent many nights and rainy days in this tent. I always have people asking me about it as it has so much room and people assume it must weigh a ton. I've been caught in heavy snow, strong winds, and torrential downpours in the portal with zero issues! The video on how to setup the fly first (when raining) is super helpful. I am in the PNW and condensation was always an issue in other tents, some worse than others. I have had no problems at all with condensation in my Portal. Customer service is also stellar. This has been one of the best gear purchases I've made. Highly recommend!

Alexander Elliott
The Only Tent You’ll Ever Need

This tent 🏕 is amazing, extremely lightweight and unbelievably strong. The security I feel as well as peace of mind knowing that not matter where i’m camping or what the conditions may be, I will be protected and warm! I took the Portal 2 out on a 8 day skateboard / camp trip in Colorado and after the first night I was sold! Another plus is the experience I had while buying the Portal, everyone was so kind and accommodating at SlingFin and answered every question I had and they were able to get my shipped so fast! Safe to say I’ll be purchasing another one for other family members! Thanks 🙏🏾 SlingFin !