Warranty and Returns

SlingFin Lifetime Warranty:

SlingFin guarantees that the materials and workmanship in every product we make will stand up to the use for which it was designed. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, improper care, improper cleaning, accidents, and natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use. All warranty products should be returned to us for evaluation and will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Damage due to accident or improper care will be repaired (if possible) at a reasonable rate.

Warranty Disclaimer:

Damage from mold, mildew, improper care/cleaning, acid, UV damage, or volcanic gas is not covered under the SlingFin warranty. It is important that you store your SlingFin products in as clean and dry a location as possible. Storing gear damp or dirty facilitates the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew damage fabrics and result in decreased performance, ugly stains and horrible smelling gear! Please keep all SlingFin products away from battery acid and environments where volcanic gases may come into contact with your gear. Do not machine wash or dry any SlingFin products without first consulting the owner’s manual.

What is classified as "improper use"?

Sometimes things go wrong. That being said, we have never seen a catastrophic tent failure due to manufacturing defects. If your tent collapses in the field, it's almost certainly due to one of the following two scenarios:

1. The tent was not set up properly. We'll be straight with you here: in our experience, this is the number one cause of tent failure. If you don't use the external and internal guylines, outrigger attachments, fly-to-tent pole toggles, etc. your tent will not perform as it should. Most pole failures are due to the tent pole sections not being fully inserted into one another. Buying a SlingFin tent alone is not a guarantee that it can handle any conditions imaginable. You have to learn to use it properly! Our tents are designed for people who are willing to take the time to educate themselves on proper use of their equipment. For tips on extreme weather tent setup, check out this video. If you put in the effort to use your tent properly, it will return the favor!

2. Your tent was being used outside its intended application. Lightweight gear has inherent limitations. Our goal is to make tents that outperform all others in their weight class. That doesn't mean our 3lb backpacking tent is as strong as an 8lb mountaineering tent. Be realistic about what your tent can handle.

In this case, if a repair is not feasible, we're happy to offer replacement parts at cost to get your tent back in action as quickly as possible!

Product Modification:

SlingFin recognizes that field maintenance, modifications and repairs are often necessary. Repairs and modifications made in the field will not void the SlingFin Lifetime warranty provided the repairs and modifications are reasonable and necessary. SlingFin does reserve the right to determine, at its sole discretion, if the modifications were reasonable and necessary.

Return Instructions for Warranty Items:

-All warranty items returned to SlingFin must be clean. California law prohibits our employees from handling returned items that are not clean. We do not have cleaning facilities so we will return all items that are not clean.

-Please fold materials nicely when sending them to us for repair. DO NOT stuff or crumble. 

-Please include a note with your shipment that includes your original order number, name, return address, and a description and location of the issue.

Returns and Refunds

Tents that have only been set up indoors and can be resold as new may be returned for a refund, minus shipping costs and credit card/PayPal transaction fees (3-4%) since PayPal and credit card companies won't refund them. Buyer pays return shipping.

Order Cancellations

If an order has not yet been shipped, it can be canceled for a full refund minus credit card/PayPal transaction fees (3-4%).

If an order has been shipped, it can be canceled for a full refund once the product has returned to our office minus shipping costs and credit card/PayPal transaction fees (3-4%).

To Make a Warranty or Return Inquiry:

Please fill out our contact form with your information, the product, and the reason for return.