SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle

SplitWing Shelter Bundle

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 The SplitWing is our most minimal shelter for people whose top priority is achieving the lowest weight possible without compromising weather coverage. Designed with thru-hikes and FKTs in mind, the SplitWing and its modular accessories are adaptable to the wide range of conditions that are likely to be encountered on a 4-month-plus adventure.

This bundle includes the SplitWing Tarp, SplitWing Mesh Body, and Removable Vestibule. It's one of the lightest, most versatile shelters around, and with the full system you can optimize it for any of the conditions you're likely to encounter on an extended thru-hike. Save $25 when you buy the shelter, mesh body, and vestibule together. Put the extra money towards your thru-hike shower fund. Or don't.

When used on its own, the SplitWing Tarp is palatial for one and cozy for two. A pair of hardcore UL hikers (or very close friends) will appreciate sharing a shelter that packs down to the size of a grapefruit and weighs less than two packs of ramen per person. At 7.9oz without the 6 included DAC j-stakes (10.3oz all-in), the SplitWing Tarp is damn light. Strategically-placed reinforcements made of our Expedition Series fly fabric keep the SplitWing in one piece when conditions get gnarly. 

Unlike most shaped tarps, the SplitWing can be pitched with the front trekking pole anywhere between 105cm-120cm thanks to its front "wings", allowing you to prioritize floor area and storm protection with a low pitch, or provide generous headroom when pitched high. It's closed at the foot end to reduce drafts and increase weather protection.

For added protection, use the vestibule (included with the bundle), which covers the front opening of the tarp, providing 360-degree coverage, perfect for those who are looking for the light weight of a minimal tarp shelter but would rather not give up the comfort and security of a tent.

Add the SplitWing Mesh Body (also included with the bundle) and you'll have all the protection, versatility, and coziness of a double-wall tent but at a scant 21oz trail weight.

To increase the versatility of the SplitWing even more, you can add the removable floor (sold separately) for use instead of the mesh body in bug-free conditions.

Not using trekking poles? Order some SplitWing Carbon Poles from Ruta Locura. These are sized specifically for the SplitWing and come in adjustable or non-adjustable options, providing total versatility for your SplitWing.

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Capacity 1-2
Trail Weight 21 oz (6 included DAC stakes add 2 oz)
Packaged Weight 24 oz
Floor Area with Vestibule (no mesh body) 37.8 sq ft
Floor Area (tarp only)
27-32 sq ft (depending on pitch height)
Floor Area w/ Vestibule and Mesh Body 24.8 sq ft + 6.8 sq ft vestibule
Floor Area w/ Mesh Body (no vestibule) 24.8 sq ft
Interior Height
Poles 0 (trekking poles not included)



SplitWing Tarp Fabric
10D Nylon 66 Ripstop Sil/Sil
SplitWing Tarp Reinforcement Fabric 30D Nylon 66 Ripstop Sil/Sil
SplitWing Mesh Body Canopy Fabric 15D Nylon No-See-Um Mesh
SplitWing Mesh Body Floor Fabric 20D Nylon Ripstop PE 1800
Vestibule Fabric
10D Nylon 66 Ripstop Sil/Sil


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Quality construction with one flaw

I've thought long and hard about how I felt about this tarp/tent. Having lived and worked with a seamstress/upholsterer, I can tell you that this is constructed well of quality material. The design is excellent for what it is and our test run on the Spit in Homer, Alaska showed that it holds up well to hard wind and lots of rain.

The biggest complaint I have about the bundle is the fact that the mesh body does not have a tub floor. Every time we got in and out, we would pull sand, sticks, stones or whatever was in front of the mesh body into the tent. After 3 days of use, it was quite dirty inside.

The setup is not intuitive and we struggled with it in the wind and rain, even though we practiced beforehand. I was not able to figure out how to get the footprint hooked up while putting the tent down, so we ended up not using it. Trying to figure out a new tarp/tent system and setup the footprint at 10pm in 20-40mph winds with sideways blowing rain proved too much. After about an hour, we had it set up like we wanted. For those that like to tie out all the guyouts, be aware that you will not have enough stakes. I bought an extra set, too, and still did not have enough and I could not find the ones I wanted in Homer (lightweight, 7"+ in length).

After getting it set up, we slept in it over night. I had heard this material stretches and that we would have to adjust it; we really did. After the first night, our sleeping bags were soaked. The rain had caused the material to sag which ended up resting on the mesh body; in essence, it became a single wall tent.

When we woke up the next morning, the rain had stopped and the wind died down, so we were able to adjust it more. I played with the height of my poles and the side guyouts and tried it a second night. It was not as bad as the first, but still, the material stretched and then sagged. We had our first stake failure and the foot area collapsed. Our feet were completely soaked the next morning.

For the third night, it did not rain, but was a bit windy. I adjusted the stakes again, piling even more rocks onto the stakes and lines and it was more comfortable than the previous two nights. We woke up the next morning with our backs slightly soaked, as we had both rolled over a bit while sleeping and touched the mesh wall enough to touch the outer tarp/fly.

Overall, we had mixed feelings about the Splitwing Bundle. For one person, this may perform much better. The stakes that came with the tent are entirely inadequate for the sand and tundra, especially with strong winds. Even with several stones piled on top, they would come loose at the worst possible time, which was while we were sleeping. It is an extremely lightweight, well-constructed shelter that can house 2 people.

Some suggestions: Offer longer stakes, and the chance to add more, during the checkout process. I would have happily paid extra for that. And please, add a tub to the floor. We had sand and water coming in, making for a dirty sleeping experience. That may be our specific use-case scenario, but it's what we experienced. If a new one is designed, I would happily throw away the current one for that design and carry the extra 2 or 4 ounces, or whatever it is, to get that feature.

In the end, I'm expecting to learn how to use it better and expect that we will have awesome experiences with it. We're planning on a multi-day trip on Kesugi Ken in the Denali Range. That is quite a bit different than Homer's environment and I can come back and update the status with what we observe during that trip. I'm excited to learn how to use this better!

Everything I Wanted

I have to confess that I'm a hammock camper. I hunted around for a system to use when I know I'll have to sleep on the ground. I was leaning toward a bug bivy & tarp set up when I came across this. I am so glad I purchased it!

One of the things I like about a hammock is it's much easier to get my creaky old body in & out of a hammock than it is to get out of a tent. Crawling out of the mesh tent is easier than other tents I've used where the door is at the head. This is one area in which the fact the door goes all the way to the ground helps. The downside of that design is that dirt from outside gets inside pretty easily, but because there's no lip there detritus shakes out pretty easily.

I'm about 166 cm tall, and I can sit upright at the door of the tent. This gives the tent a delightfully spacious feel. I doubt I'd ever want to share the space with another full-sized human. I plan to introduce my dog to hiking, and there will be plenty enough room for the both of us. The material is downright diaphanous - so much so I have concerns about what his claws may do to the floor - and it's quite slippery. You'll want something like GG's 1/8" foam pad to keep your inflatable sleeping pad from sliding around.

Shortly after receiving the bundle, I set it up in my parents' yard in Western Washington on a rainy night. The all-night drizzle resulted in a couple of small (< 2 cm) spots of water. I credit my lousy job setting it up for allowing water to get in at all. I use a down quilt, and properly set up I have no doubts the tarp will keep me dry even in a rain.

Well thought out, well constructed

Took this on the JMT this summer, and on several climbing trips. It weighs very little and takes up little pack space, has a minimalist feature set without being rudimentary, and gets the job done. It’s just the right size for me (6’2”, 185 lbs) and has enough space for my gear too. Actually the Splitwing is even big enough for two, but your feet might overlap. Like any small shaped A-frame tarp it’s a little tricky to slide in to, and it took several practice tries in the back yard before I got efficient at setting it up. Wrapped around me like a cloak the fly protected me and my pack from an afternoon shower, but I haven’t had it out in a multi-day Thor vs Zeus thunderstorm yet. The materials seem top-notch, and the construction was flawless. Not a ragged edge, poor seam, or flimsy attachment in sight. I’ll definitely be picking up more Slingfin gear next time I’m in the market.

Splitwing did FABULOUSLY!

I recent went on a two week camping/ hunting trip in Colorado. This was my first experience using the Splitwing bundle I purchased. The weather was 91 degrees upon arriving in the Telluride,CO area. Turned to absolute blizzard conditions within 3 days, then back into the 60s with spot rain showers. This tent handled it all perfectly! Great air flow, warm enough in the snow, handled 5 inches of snow with no problem, shrugged off moisture, the list goes on. Just enough room for me and all my gear, the vestibule provides a perfect space for boots/packs. It's extremely light and packable.....I love it, couldn't be happier. Don't think twice if your looking into it. Well worth it!

Well made Great Company

I have had the chance to use this new light weight set up. This tent, tarp set up is very well laid out. I was looking for a very light set up that could be very versatile. First I thought I would just get a tarp and build my own set up. Then I came across this Splitwing Live It. Looking forward to some long hikes with this very light set up and packs really small to. Slingfin is very helpful to if you are lokking for a light weight one person set up tgis is it. Oh and with the support from this company you can't go wrong. Cheers To Many Happy Trails