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The updated version of the WindSaber features:

  • Stronger 10.65mm DAC PL poles
  • Two zippered ripstop nylon doors with full mesh layer for ventilation
  • Updated fly attachment system
  • Two flysheet kickstand vents for unrestricted airflow
  • Numerous subtle refinements for ease of use

The WindSaber redefines what’s possible for a lightweight alpine tent. At just 5 pounds, the WindSaber’s strength is comparable to that of many tents that weigh twice as much. Light enough to carry to the high alpine and strong enough to stay there as long as you want, the WindSaber is a go-anywhere, do-everything alpine tent for core mountain folk. Whether you’re ticking the Cassin or skiing the JMT, you’ll rest easy knowing your tent can handle whatever the mountains throw your way.

The WindSaber’s unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio comes from our patented WebTruss system. The WebTruss is made up of sleeves into which you insert the tent poles. Unlike traditional pole sleeves that are sewn into the tent body, the WebTruss is detachable, allowing the poles to be completely set up before attaching the tent body. The result is a tent that sets up very easily in high-wind conditions (unlike a tent with traditional pole sleeves), but with far better stability than modern clip-style tents.

The interior of the WindSaber is shaped to maximize usable space and has more pockets than you can shake a stick at. Plenty of o-rings provide internal guyline compatibility as well as ample places to hang things. Two zippered mesh/ripstop double doors on the other side provide quick entry and exit and won’t get caked with spindrift. To vent the WindSaber, open the drawstring vent at the foot of the tent, which has a corresponding vent in the tent’s fly. The drawstring vent also has a mesh layer which lets you vent the tent even when it’s buggy out. Crack open the top of the door, and you have a nice cross breeze that keeps condensation to a minimum. The vestibule openings each feature a kickstand vent. 

Pick up a footprint to prolong the lifespan of your tent.


  • High-Vis SlingFin Orange/Gray color block Fly
  • WebTruss provides exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Easy high-wind setup
  • 15 exterior tie-outs
  • 11 exterior tie-outs correspond to pole attachments on fly
  • Interior guyline compatible
  • 8 Interior pockets
  • OutRigger attachment uses adjustable ski or trekking poles to increase wind resistance and snow loading capacity
  • Ergonomic floor shape provides plenty of elbow room
  • Drawstring vent with mesh layer provides ventilation even in buggy conditions
  • Double mesh/ripstop door ventilates well in humid environments
  • WebTruss can be replaced with DAC twist clips for milder conditions


Minimum Weight (with WebTruss) 4lbs 15.8oz (2.26kg)
Minimum Weight (without WebTruss) 4lbs 13oz (2.18kg)
Packaged Weight 5lbs 14oz (2.66kg)
Capacity 2
Floor Area 28sq ft (2.6sq m)
Interior Height
40" (102cm)
Dimensions 85" x 39"/60"/39" (216cm x 99cm/152cm/99cm) (head/elbows/foot)
Vestibule Area 5sq ft x 2 (0.46sq m)
Tent Body Volume 54cu ft (1.53cu m)
Vestibule Volume 9.39cu ft x 2 (0.27cu m)
Packed size 18" x 9" (46cm x 23cm)
Pole Package Length 17.75" (45cm)
Poles 4 DAC PL 10.65mm
Doors 2
Vents 1 tent body/flysheet drawstring vent, 2 flysheet kickstand vents



Tent Body Fabric
15D Nylon Ripstop DWR FR-free
Floor Fabric 20D*430T Nylon ripstop sil/sil 1500mm
Fly Fabric 20D*430T Nylon ripstop sil/sil 1500mm
Poles 4 DAC PL 10.65mm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The Perfect Tent

An expedition tent in the size and weight of an alpinist tent. I’ve run through the gamut of tents, never being able to find that tent that could be used for light and fast alpine style ascents yet be engineered and constructed in a way to survive the worst of mountainside storms. This tent is finally that tent. Beyond the simple metrics of weight and packability and four season construction, of which no other tent compares to, you can immediately tell how well thought out every stitch, line, angle and attachment point is on this tent. One thing I really like is how customizable the guy lines, both inside and outside are, along with interior pockets and hang points. I’ve also found that most 4-Season 2P tents feel more like 1P tents with the ability to squeeze 2 people in uncomfortably. Not the Windsaber. It’s a true 2P tent. It perfectly fits 2 people and has enough storage pockets, hang points and gear storage spaces under the fly to comfortably fit two people and all their gear on mountain adventures. The fabric feels incredibly durable, perhaps a little noisy in a wind storm, but far more sturdy and protective than many other 4-Season tents I’ve used. Truly impressed by this marvel of tent engineering and will be trusting my life to it on some big mountains in remote places for years to come. It’s truly the end all be all tent for 4 season mountaineering.

Love this!! So stoked to have you in our tents, Cody!!

Jere P
My favorite tent

Lets start by saying I love tents. I own around the 20 mark with most being 2 person 4 season expedition tents. I live in Alaska and use tents year round so they get the most use. I have several models of Hillebergs as well as a MH Trango 2 and NF Mountain 25. All that said I use my Wind Saber more than any of the others. The balance of weight, durability, and features draw me to my beloved Wind Saber. You really hit the mark with this one. My favorite tent by far.