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The NFT just received the "Top Value Pick" award from Adventure Alan & Co. Their verdict was "a killer value with some standout features and likely the best overall performance among non-Dyneema models". Read the full review here.


The flat tarp is the quintessential multi-purpose shelter, prized for its versatility, simplicity, and roominess. A flat tarp can be adapted to just about any set of conditions by changing the pitch, and is equally at home as an emergency shelter on a day-long ski tour or as a group hangout for cooking on a rainy backpacking trip.

Our NFT is a 9.5' x 10' flat tarp that addresses several qualms we had with most flat tarps by adding subtle catenary curves around the long edges, which make for a gorgeous, taut pitch in the A-frame configuration, unlike straight-edged tarps, which tend to flap due to bias stretch in the large side panels. However, we didn't add a caternary cut to the ridgeline seam so your pitching configurations wouldn't be limited to an A-frame. We also added cord tensioners at both ends of the guylines to make trekking pole positioning straightforward and quick. 

Our 10D NY66 ripstop sil/sil fabric is perfect for the NFT. It has already been field-proven in our Portal, SplitWing, and 2Lite. It's ludicrously packable, has a terrific strength-to-weight ratio, absorbs less water (and sags less) than PU-coated fabrics, and has astounding UV resistance.

The NFT comes loaded with 6 pre-attached 1.5mm reflective Dyneema guylines, 4 accessory guylines, and 12 of the larger 8" long DAC J-stakes so you can pitch the NFT anywhere, any way.

With its packability, light weight, and practically unlimited pitch configurations, we'll think you'll agree... this is a Nice Flat Tarp.

Want a full-featured bug-proof shelter? Buy the NFT and SplitWing Mesh Body at the same time and get the SplitWing Mesh Body for 20% off (discount applies automatically at checkout). Includes additional adjustable cords for attaching the SplitWing Mesh Body to the NFT.


  • Generously sized at 9.5' x 10'
  • Compatible with SplitWing Mesh Body and most bug tents
  • Tons of tie-outs for numerous pitch types
  • Catenary cuts along the edges for taut pitching
  • Includes 10' pre-attached ridge guylines and 8' pre-attached corner guylines
  • 4 additional 8' guylines included in accessory sack
  • Includes 12 8-inch DAC J-stakes
  • Cord tensioners at both ends of all pre-attached guylines
  • 3 long-edge perimeter pull outs
  • 4 mid-panel guy loops (two on each side)
  • 2 mid-ridge line guy loops
  • 20D PE-coated reinforcements 


Minimum Weight (tarp only) 12.3oz (349g)
Minimum Weight (including pre-attached guylines) 13.6oz (386g)
Packaged Weight 1lbs 5.8oz (618g)
Dimensions 120" x 115" (3.05m x 2.92m)
Packed Size (uncompressed) 4" x 4" x 9" (10cm x 10cm x 23cm)
Total Area 95.8 sq ft (8.9 sq m)
Guy out loops 6
Perimeter pull out loops 6
Included Guylines 6 pre-attached, 4 additional (1.5mm Dyneema core reflective cord)
Included Stakes 12 DAC J-Stakes size M (8"/20cm)
Tarp Fabric 10D Nylon 66 ripstop sil/sil
Reinforcement Fabric 20D Nylon ripstop sil/PE

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jack McEwan
Went from tarp-curious to tarp-enthusiast

New to tarp camping. I spent a week sleeping under different pitches every night; mostly with varying degrees of rain and wind. I wish I could post pictures; but here’s some first impressions…

The tarp is awesome and I love it. So light and packable, but large and versatile. It pitches tight and doesn’t get too floppy in rain. The mid-panel guy loops really help create more space.

Lesson learned: when it’s raining and wind is gusting and changing directions, a closed pyramid pitch has worked the best for me so far.

* add toggles to the 4 detached guy lines. So much quicker to pop toggle into guy loop.
* add center guy loop (outside). This would allow several pitches to guy out to ridge line or tree and go up without a pole inside the tent (pyramid, tarp tent)
* add the same guy loops to the short sides as they are on the long sides (4 more total). A lot of the popular tarp pitches can’t be done as-is with NFT: tarp tent pitch, stealth, several fully closed/pyramid pitches.

Toggles were easy to add. I may try to figure out sewing guy loops, but I’ve never sewed and don’t want to screw up the beautiful tarp.

Matthew Clarke
A fantastic tarp!

I have more than a few tarps in my quiver and this one has quickly become my favourite. Unlike my A-frame tarps, the NFT is versatile and can be pitched in many configurations. But unlike a conventional flat tarp, the catenary edges of the NFT mean you can get drum tight A-frame pitches. I also love its spaciousness - it's truly palatial for one person or for me and my pup - while the numerous guy lines and tie-out points facilitate a wide range of pitches and set-ups. And unlike my DCF tarps, this one can be stuffed into its sack in next to no time, without babying it, and it packs down really small. The NFT really is a fantastic piece of kit. I urge all tarp lovers - or those folk curious to try out tarp camping - to check it out!

Wahoo! Thanks Matthew! So glad you're loving the tarp and that our little design touches aren't going unnoticed.