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Pre-orders are now open for the Green/Brown version of the Portal 1! Estimated ship date is mid-July.

The Portal 1 rounds out our fan-favorite Portal family. It's our lightest freestanding tent with a minimum weight of only 2.5lbs. To make the Portal 1, we kept all our favorite aspects of the original 2-person Portal, but optimized the geometry and features for a solo hiker. What we DIDN'T do is eliminate any pockets or details that make the Portal series the most livable backpacking tents on the market.

To avoid the coffin-like feeling of many 1-person tents, we extended the Portal 1's cross pole so the side walls of the tent are beyond vertical, providing tons of volume and headroom up high. The extra long cross pole creates a super roomy vestibule with plenty of overhang when the vestibule doors are rolled back.

Heading to Patagonia? Spending some time in the desert? Pick up our Heavy Duty Portal 1 pole set. This replaces the stock 8.7mm poles with extra sturdy 10.65mm poles to provide additional wind and snow loading resistance.

Our 10D Nylon 66 Ripstop silicone-coated flysheet fabric is basically magic, with better UV resistance than fabrics three times its weight (read more about our UV testing here), super low water absorption (aka quick dry times), and incredible mold/mildew resistance. The silicone coating will not break down in your closet and produce that "old tent smell" that haunts well-loved gear. The 20D PE-coated floor fabric strikes a good balance between light weight and durability and doesn't absorb water, unlike PU-coated floor fabrics. It also has far more hydrolytic stability than PU coatings and won't become flaky and smelly with time. Pre-installed spare sliders on all the zippers double your zippers' lifespan and eliminate the need for half-baked field repairs when you're 90% of the way to the terminus of whatever long trail you're on.

To prolong the life of your Portal's floor, pick up a Portal 1 footprint. For ultralight weather protection in non-buggy conditions, check out the Portal 1 Tub Floor. Additional stakes and guylines can be purchased here.

The Portal 1 received the Most Bomber Tent award from Adventure Alan & Co! Click here to read their tent roundup.


  • Two pre-installed internal guylines give the Portal great lateral stability for almost no weight increase. Click here for step-by-step instructions to install a second set of internal guylines. Click here to learn how internal guylines work.
  • Side walls are past vertical to provide tons of volume up high.
  • Short pole package is perfect for bikepacking
  • KickStand vent provides unrestricted airflow for excellent condensation management without sacrificing weather protection.
  • High-volume pole structure with a swivel provides well-distributed headroom without the weakness of hubs.
  • Pole swivel connects long poles for easy setup
  • All the pockets you could ever want (two ceiling, two head, two side, one foot).
  • 11 external guy points and 3 perimeter pull-outs provide ample reinforcement options.
  • External guy points correspond to flysheet-to-pole attachments to increase stability.
  • Matching reflective tabs on fly and tent body simplify setup.
  • Color-coordinated stake loops for easy flysheet orientation.
  • Pre-installed spare zipper sliders on every zipper double your zippers' lifespan.
  • Can be pitched with footprint (not included) and fly only for a minimalist weather shelter.
  • 2-side silicone impregnated flysheet and PE floor fabric are mildew-resistant and have excellent hydrolytic stability, and will last significantly longer than traditional PU-coated fabrics.
  • Includes 10 DAC J-Stakes and 6 additional guylines (not including 2 pre-installed internal guylines)



Minimum Weight 2lbs 8oz (1.13kg)
Packaged Weight 2lbs 14.5oz (1.32kg)
Capacity 1
Floor Area 19.25 sq ft (1.79 sq m)
Interior Height
41" (104cm)
Packed Size
14" x 4" (35cm x 10cm)
Pole Package Length
13.5" (34cm)
Floor Dimensions 88" x 35" (head) x 28" (foot) (224cm x 89cm/71cm)
Vestibule Area 1 x 9.8 sq ft (0.91 sq m)
Vestibule Depth 34" (86cm)
Number of poles 3
Number of doors 1
Guy out loops 11
Perimeter pull out loops 3
Included Guylines 6 (+2 pre-installed internal guylines)
Included Stakes 10



Tent Body Fabric
15D Nylon no-see-um mesh
Floor Fabric 20D Nylon Ripstop PE 1800mm
Fly Fabric 10D Nylon 66 Ripstop Sil/Sil 1200mm
Poles 2 DAC Featherlite NFL 8.7mm, 1 NFL 9.3mm


Seam Sealing Note: The seams on your Portal's flysheet are highly water-resistant and will handle light rain just fine without being seam sealed. However, the three seams directly above the tent poles should be seam sealed for maximum waterproofness in extended, heavy rains. 

Sewn in Vietnam.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Customer is responsible for all import duties and taxes. We strongly suggest looking up duty rates in your region before ordering, especially if you live in Canada. We recommend against "UPS STANDARD" shipping because they charge very high brokerage fees. To avoid brokerage fees, select either USPS shipping or UPS Worldwide Express/Expedited service. Note that UPS brokerage fees and import tax & duty are separate. Canadian customers can estimate duty here. Please note this is just an estimate and actual rates may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Anthony Hartman
Portal 1 review on 6 SHT days

I have been doing some alpine hiking during 3 season weather for awhile and been on the search for wind worthy tent. A quick review fo the design, mfg. flaws, setup and performance. Design wise, it is easier to see why this can be nearly called a 4 season tent. The mesh inner and not able to bring the fly sides to the floor would be my sticking points. But for wind protection, it is there in spades based on seeing how the fly and inner attach at same point on the poles, and the inner tensioning system that crosses to bottom stake-out points. The multitude of guy lines gives it better capability. The Portal 1 only has a single vent which would wish to see an additional for better cross ventilation, but have more info on that below.

The available pockets on this tent is impressive. I used the 2 top and 2 corner by my head. I wish some tents offered more pockets but it is added weight. The sitting head room space is really nice, some tents all I do is rub my head/hat on the inner. Had 2 nights stayed in my tent for more than 12 hours and never felt claustrophobic. The vertical walls and ample inner room was nice to be inside. Bed and morning had no problems getting changed.

Mfg. defects - none, zero, zippo which has been the same as all other top level tents and glad to see this one is not lacking. We are fortunate to have great gear available.

Setup - to obtain a better wind performance than all other 3 season tents have seen, requires more attachment points between fly/inner and pole system. It is straight forward, but will take another minute or two. I always setup the tent with their footprint. First time, did not stake out the corners thus only then requiring staking out front door for ease of use (1 stake min). The rear of the tent would flap however so a second stake would be my min. I would suggest though trying to stake out the footprint at exactly where sleeping arrangement, then setting up the tent, with 6 stakes. By doing this, the tension on the fly was impressive, more than I've seen on my previous tents. Regardless of poor terrain (roots, stones) never caused the fly to loose tension. Would not be hearing any flapping on this tent.

Performance (Use) - all zippers and tensioners worked as expected. Could open outer fly and inner with one hand. Rolling the doors open and pinning used a cord lock and loop. It always required me to use 2 hands to pin and undo. The myriad of pockets were all usable, due to the tight tensioning of the fly and inner system. The pockets did not hang or droop as others. Found the pockets on this tent to best I've seen and useable. Accessing the tent with the vent open in place either required to duck lower or zip upper closed, or remove the vent. I encountered this only when doing the midnight dance after cocoa. If the fly was wet, I undid the vent and closed the upper zipper.

Performance (Rain) - Had 3 nights of rain with one solid downpour all night. I had 0 water intrusion from the rain. For the hard rain though, wish the fly could be lowered to ground all around. I could do it for the door (front) and rear, but near the sides, the rain cause mud splash back, but never reaching the mesh. Given this is a silnylon tent, I thought would be seeing loose panels by morning on the wet and rainy nights. The fly was still nice and tight. Did not witness any sagging.

Performance (Condensation) - With lows below 50 F every night, 3 with rain, 1 with fog/mist, I experienced condensation. But this is no different than seen in any other tent. The solid top section to add strength of the net inner did get wet and soaked, but not drop any water down below.Only had 1 night with no rain or high humidity, but temps dropped to 41 that night. I had no condensation, no moisture anywhere showing the single vent was capable, though still wish to see 2. Only time I was concerned with water getting on my quilt is during the hard downpours nocking off the condensation. By being very cognisant, I could feel it on my face every once in awhile. Again no different than other tents. That is only way I seen condensation touching the inner or causing wetness. Removing the fly though, did cause the inner to get wet due to the many attachments, it could not simply lifted off.

I never encountered any high winds to give a direct witness account, but based on my experience I see no reason why it would not stand up better than others I have tried. This is by accounts a 3.5 season tent as some have called, it meets my wind capabilities. I finally found my tent to have confidence to camp above treeline for days.