SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle
SplitWing Shelter Bundle

SplitWing Shelter Bundle

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The SplitWing is our most minimal shelter for people whose top priority is achieving the lowest weight possible without compromising weather coverage. Designed with thru-hikes and FKTs in mind, the SplitWing and its modular accessories are adaptable to the wide range of conditions that are likely to be encountered on a 4-month-plus adventure.

This bundle includes the SplitWing Tarp, SplitWing Mesh Body, and Removable Vestibule. It's one of the lightest, most versatile shelters around, and with the full system you can optimize it for any of the conditions you're likely to encounter on an extended thru-hike. Save $25 when you buy the shelter, mesh body, and vestibule together. Put the extra money towards your thru-hike shower fund. Or don't.

When used on its own, the SplitWing Tarp is palatial for one and cozy for two. A pair of hardcore UL hikers (or very close friends) will appreciate sharing a shelter that packs down to the size of a grapefruit and weighs less than two packs of ramen per person. At 7.9oz (224g) without the 6 included DAC j-stakes (10.3oz (292g) all-in), the SplitWing Tarp is damn light. Strategically-placed reinforcements made of our Expedition Series fly fabric keep the SplitWing in one piece when conditions get gnarly. 

Unlike most shaped tarps, the SplitWing can be pitched with the front trekking pole anywhere between 105cm-120cm thanks to its front "wings", allowing you to prioritize floor area and storm protection with a low pitch, or provide generous headroom when pitched high. It's closed at the foot end to reduce drafts and increase weather protection.

For added protection, use the vestibule (included with the bundle), which covers the front opening of the tarp, providing 360-degree coverage, perfect for those who are looking for the light weight of a minimal tarp shelter but would rather not give up the comfort and security of a tent.

Add the SplitWing Mesh Body (also included with the bundle) and you'll have all the protection, versatility, and coziness of a double-wall tent but at a scant 21oz trail weight. The SplitWing Mesh Body has been updated for 2023 to include a tub floor.

To increase the versatility of the SplitWing even more, you can add the removable floor (sold separately) for use instead of the mesh body in bug-free conditions.

Not using trekking poles? Order some SplitWing Carbon Poles from Ruta Locura. These are sized specifically for the SplitWing and come in adjustable or non-adjustable options, providing total versatility for your SplitWing.

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Capacity 1+ (with mesh body) 2 (tarp only)
Minimum Weight 21oz (595g) (6 included DAC stakes add 2 oz)
Packaged Weight 24 oz
Packed Size (uncompressed) 11" x 5" x 5"
Floor Area with Vestibule (no mesh body) 37.8 sq ft
Floor Area (tarp only)
27-32 sq ft (depending on pitch height)
Floor Area w/ Vestibule and Mesh Body 24.8 sq ft + 6.8 sq ft vestibule
Floor Area w/ Mesh Body (no vestibule) 24.8 sq ft
Floor Dimensions (mesh body) 82" x 56"/31" (head/foot)
Interior Height
Poles 0 (trekking poles not included)



SplitWing Tarp Fabric
10D Nylon 66 Ripstop Sil/Sil 1200mm
SplitWing Tarp Reinforcement Fabric 20D Nylon Ripstop PE 1800mm
SplitWing Mesh Body Canopy Fabric 15D Nylon No-See-Um Mesh
SplitWing Mesh Body Floor Fabric 20D Nylon Ripstop PE 1800
Vestibule Fabric
10D Nylon 66 Ripstop Sil/Sil 1200mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

This is like many of the other Sling Fin products. Well made with quality materials and thoughtful design. I would recommend any of their products for camping or hiking

david c
splitwing is good but can be better

happy with the over all feel of the tent, my 2 main/1 minor issue are with the mesh body, 1st beefy zipper (feels like I'm going to rip it off) and 2nd bathtub floor (due to some water getting in when it rains heavy). Minor issue is, I wish the tie down point were more reinforced because one of the corner tore somewhat in wind (was on a ridge line during the high hunt this year in WA state) nothing that some dental floss didn't fix and touch up on a seam that leaked. easy in field fix took some trial and error to get it set up just right but once I figured it out, it's bombproof in weather and getting in/out was better (tilting the front pole) and setting the guy lines in a different way so I don't trip over them at 2 AM when it cold outside 8). you cant go wrong on this bundle if your tall 6-3 foot here and want a light setup at about 2 poundish (added heavy staked due to conditions and thicker cordage), tried 2 peeps only once and lets just say it was rough with gear on top of us and outside of tent and took "group hugs to a all new lvl's in cold wet conditions". so, it a 1+ and don't work well with another (but then if ur short ,midget size or ur 6 foot stringbean then yes I can see 2. I will buy again if there are any major up grades and have big plans this and nxt season with this tent

Hi David, glad you're liking the SplitWing overall! Have you had any actual issues with the zipper, or does it just feel too light? We like bigger zippers too, but to get the mesh body down to the weight people are expecting these days, we have to go with the #3s. But each zipper has backup sliders in case anything happens.

We've actually already updated the mesh body with a tub floor. We haven't gotten around to taking photos of the new version, but all the mesh bodies are now shipping with a ~3' tub floor all the way around.

Glad you were able to field repair your tie out. If you want us to do a more permanent repair on it you're welcome to send it in and we'll fix it for free.

Michel LENTZ
So light ! #2

And so compact ! Back to add the 5th star, all my stuff including the bundle fit in my 30l backpack for my WE trip (including food and water for 2d, stove, etc ).
Following recomendations about tilted pole was fine. Entering (knowing I'm 1,90cm) was not worst then my bow poled tent. Only tricky point is the plastic buckle to be clipped using 2 hands to close the vestibule. Inner space is fine for me, was a bit worry about available length for me, but :
- I never touch the bottom with my feet,
- closiness of head vs entry did not pull the zips
- and vestibule so huge !
Got a 2h heavy rain in the morning without any issue (I think my fixed length pole did help to lift a bit the mesh body). I just pitched the 2+2 side bottom points with wood sticks to lift a bit both sides : no issue about wet loose fly.
To summarize : so light and compact in the backpack, and so roomy once pitched !
just 1 last comment : was a bit surprised about the fabrics. both mesh body footprint and vestibule sound "silky" where fly sounds "crispy". It is supposed to be same material, isn't it ?


Yea i used this bundle for my PCT thruhike and i would do it again. Going the first half of the trail with just the tarp and the vestibule is just awesome i mean it's terribly difficult to find in your pack cause it's so small but once you set it up it is huge i've seen houses that are smaller so just using the tarp you can defenitely fit 2. Also it is so versatile, i've put it in spots where no one ever believed one could fit a tent. For the second half of my hike i mostly just used the bug mesh for obvious reasons it is setup superfast and it was great when i set it up everyday for lunch too to get away from the bugs. Surely one of many great features. Only things i would change is a faster/easier conversion from just the bug mesh to the full set up so when rain is rolling in so you can add the tarp quickly and the little condom thing for the vestibule i haven't understood yet why the clip can't just be sown onto the tarp itself. Speaking about rain i did not ever have a problem with rain but it also didn't rain alot. It deals great with wind and if you do have a storm you can always set it up at a lower height.
So if all this doesn't speak for the tent i will add that the costumer service is also first class and very responsive. Thank you for your work guys.

Michel LENTZ
So light !!!!!

Got my bundle through european dealer. I was looking for :
- something more easy to close against winds than my current std tarp. I tried a lot of combination without being convinced.
- some light mesh to add against mosquitoes and so (fortunately, targeted german maker was out of stock).
What led me to dig a bit more on internet and find The One, bundle is even lighter than my current tarp + footprint.
Really easy to set up (I tried w/ footprint only, still need to check if mesh body will be compatible with my 120cm single strand pole (fully sunk to the ring in loose soil drops it almost to the recomended 110cm).
Waiting this WE to go for a 2d hike to try it in real conditions ! will be back soon for the 5th star.

Glad you're liking the tarp so far! If you have a fixed-length trekking pole that's a little too long, you can tilt it to one side to make it the proper 110cm. As a bonus, that also gives you better access to the center zipper on the mesh body and makes it easier to get in and out of!