Titanium Dioxide Fabric Coating

The main environmental factor that degrades tents being used at high altitude is exposure to UV radiation. Nylon, while having good tensile strength and abrasion resistance, is susceptible to being weakened by prolonged exposure to the UV radiation found in sunlight, which is especially strong at high altitudes. For this reason, most tents used at Everest base camp last only 1-2 seasons. Our ET70 and LS07 fabrics feature extremely UV-resistant Titanium Dioxide coatings that extend the fabric's lifespan by 300-400%. Think of it as tent sunscreen. ET70 and LS07 fabrics are found on our LFD and BFD tents.
Historically, Titanium Dioxide coatings have been added to fabrics using transfer paper, which also must be discarded after each use. SlingFin worked with Dimension Polyant to find a more environmentally friendly method of coating the fabric. 

Now, Dimension Polyant uses recyclable plastic films for applying the transfer coatings. The plastic film produces a shiny finish on the coating but that is a small price to pay as compared to wasting thousands of yards of transfer paper. The coatings are applied here in the USA at the Dimension Polyant mill in Putnam, Connecticut. All excess solvents are reused and the factory has a state of the art air filtration system so no harmful vapors are released into the atmosphere. ET70 is one of the most environmentally friendly UV resistant fabrics ever made for the weight.


  • Hi Kirk! Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Our hope is that adding some transparency into the design and materials choice process will work in our favor, since we’re confident that we’re using the best stuff out there!

    That’s awesome! I just got back from a High Sierra tour a few weeks ago. We were actually using the CrossBow Four-Season, which was the perfect tent for the trip! Nice and roomy, plenty of vestibule space for a winter trip’s worth of gear, and totally bomber. Do you remember what the model of Sierra Designs tent was? There’s a good chance that part of the SlingFin design team was behind it! Several of our advisors (and our founder) worked at SD back in the day.

    Depending on how light you’re looking to go for summer, you always have the option of purchasing the mesh CrossBow body separately, so you can use the same fly, poles, and WebTruss that comes with your CrossBow Four-Season.

  • Thanks for publishing these details. I like to know as much about a product as possible before buying. I also like to know that a company cares about the life cycle of material, process, or product and is at least making an effort to reduce any negative impact on our environment.

    I just finished a four day spring ski tour in the High Sierra with my son including one night spent at about 13,000’ on Mt. Darwin. We borrowed a tent as my tent is an older Sierra Designs four season tent that I really like, but just weighs too much. I’m relegating it to car camping. I think the CrossBow 2 Four Season will be it’s replacement at less than half the weight. I think a second tent for summer is the logical strategy.

    Kirk Shultz

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